FitBiz  Toolbox Sales & Marketing Academy

The FitBiz Toolbox Sales & Marketing Academy gives fitness professionals and personal trainers in the gym the knowledge and skills to build a successful career. You’ll learn how to get more clients and keep more clients by implementing sales, marketing, and business-building strategies that produce results.

The Fitness Entrepreneur’s Vault

Get your independent fitness business off on the right foot!

This membership contains the ultimate business education for the independent trainer or anyone wanting to start a fitness venture. With 11 courses on starting up and marketing, this is the ultimate package. And more courses are on the way.

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As an experienced Corporate Video Agency and 20+ years in the fitness industry, FitBiz Creative offers a variety of services that will take care of all your project needs, from start to finish. Take a look at our services below and contact us today to schedule a meeting.


Hear what people are saying about Fitbiz Toolbox

Teresa Cedeno

Teresa Cedeno

“Fitbiz Toolbox is a real game changer in the way I think of business. As a personal trainer, I initially only thought of myself as a trainer not an entrepreneur but I am my business. Fitbiz Toolbox has given me an edge against other trainers because it’s made me think what message do I want to share/ send, what type of clientele do I want to attract and how I can connect the two and that just 1 of many questions it’s made me consider. The great thing about FitBiz Toolbox is that it’s not limited to trainers, any business owner would benefit from going through this program that is super easy to follow. “


Nicole Black

Founder Moba Fitness

“Wow! Thank you FitBiz Toolbox! Thank you for taking concepts that are challenging when starting a business, breaking them down, making them easy to understand and execute. The FitBiz Toolbox will change your perception on your career to help you understand that you can be so much more and show you how it is possible!

Step by step, the FitBiz Toolbox helped me create a blueprint of success for my business.  The videos are very well done and from someone who is not regurgitating what they have learned from school books but has actually been successful utilizing these exact same tools. If you want a career in fitness, you will only level yourself and career up from FitBiz Toolbox!”

unnamed (10)

Breena Martinez

“FitBiz Tool Box is an incredible resource to help overcome the inevitable challenges that come along with pursuing a career within the Fitness industry. Whether it’s learning how to cultivate a clientele, how to establish a brand, or discussing marketing strategies to set you up for success…FitBiz Tool Box has it all.”


John Cribari

Elite Fitness Professional

“Fitbiz Toolbox has been invaluable in helping me step out and start my personal training business. The interactive topics and exercises help you guide your thinking into an organized business plan. It also does a great job of directly connecting you to the resources you need for getting your name, logo, creating business cards, and many other things you’ll need to start a business. For what you get out of it, Fitbiz Toolbox is an insane bargain. They could triple their price tomorrow and I wouldn’t even flinch at paying it. You will get FAR more out of this than what you pay for it! You’d be a fool not to take advantage of this if you are someone starting a training business.”


Jonathan Turziano

Co-Founder Æsir Fitness

“FitBiz Toolbox is a fantastic starting space for any fitness entrepreneur. With all these objective and greatly helpful action plans, goals, and lessons collected in one place; it makes FitBiz Toolbox an essential tool in any trainer’s, manager’s or student’s pocket. Thank you for this vital tool! ”


Carol Craig

Personal Trainer Anytime Fitness

“FitBiz Toolbox helps me stand out from all the other trainers at Anytime Fitness. The Branding courses and exercises in particular helped me make a name for myself, and differentiate the services that I offer.”

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What’s Included In The Academy.

In this Academy you will learn:

  • Why understanding your prospect’s mindset is the key to preventing objections and influencing them to purchase your product or service.
  • Innovative positioning strategies that allow you to create a full schedule of the types of clients you want to work with.
  • How you can completely set yourself apart from your competition by implementing a harpoon strategy of marketing instead of casting a wide net.
  • Copywriting tactics that enable you to create the type of messaging that causes your prospects and clients to want to listen (and purchase).
  • How to create a successful marketing plan that fits on one page of paper.
  • Magnetic prospecting activities that turn you into the personal trainer or coach who everyone wants to work with.
  • Cutting-edge strategies that have helped thousands of personal trainers transition from rarely selling 5 session discount “packages” to regularly selling 20 or 30 session “programs”.

Many more sales, marketing, and business-building tools and bonuses.