What’s your why? (Impetus, Motivation, Drive, Reason, Purpose)

Imagine you are watching some kids, could be your kids, or someone else’s.

Imagine you want to get them to pick up a mess in the living room.

Your first attempt typically goes something like this. “Hey, kids, pick up your toys in the living room.”

They ignore you.

Your second attempt “KIDS Pick. Up. The toys.”

Birds Chirping…

Third Attempt “Pick up the f$%#ing mess”

How well does that work?

You know what would be more effective?

“Hey, kids, your parents will be home soon and they’ll be very angry if the living room is a mess, and if you clean it up in 3 minutes I’ll give you some ice cream…ready, set, go.”

There’s a “why” in everything we do.

In order to create the right motivation, we should always know what the why is.

For this lesson, we aren’t talking specifically about client or member motivation, but it does apply.

We are talking about you and your career.

When it comes to your career choices, do you have a clear why?

In “Start with Why”, Simon Sinek  introduces us to the Golden Circle. The Golden Circle gives us a clear picture of the benefit of using a “why” as opposed to using a “what” to create motivation. (https://simonsinek.com/)

Let me explain:

We’re typically directed to do things via leading with “what” needs to be done.

On the outside of the circle is the what.

The “what”, in this case, is telling the kids to clean the room.

Then comes the how.

In this case, “pick the toys up off of the floor and put them where they should go”.

The “why” is getting ice cream AND avoiding the pain of being in trouble with their parents.

They don’t wanna clean the room, but if they’re being rewarded to do it, AND avoiding punishment, there’s twice the reason to do a good job.

Let’s apply this to strategizing about your career

One of the things people tell us about being successful in life, and your career is that you need to have a plan or a strategy.

Let’s take a look at the Golden Circle again

What do you want? A successful life and career.

How should you get there? Creating a strategy, planning and, of course, using the FitBiz Toolbox to accomplish that.

FitBiz Toolbox will, in fact, give you all of the tools you need to create a successful career.

But as we said in the example before, knowing what needs to be done and how to do it aren’t always enough

The real question is, “Why are you going to strategize, why are you going to create a blueprint?”

Is “having a successful career” enough to get you to do that? That’s pretty generic.

You need to dig deeper. What specifically does success mean to you.

This is where we start really defining the “Why.”

Here are some things that some people we’ve interviewed have said success means to them:

  1. Make a million dollars
  2. Flexibility in life
  3. Able to support their family
  4. Make six figures
  5. Own a house
  6. Move to a bigger house
  7. Be their own boss
  8. Be able to give back to others
  9. Have a Lamborghini
  10. Become a famous celebrity trainer
  11. Own their own gym
  12. Have 2,000 members
  13. Own 4 gyms
  14. Be challenged
  15. Have fun
  16. Own a boat
  17. Obtain Work Life Balance
  18. Have people thank them for helping them.
  19. Change at least one thing in every client’s life that enables them to be healthier.

So imagine your typical day.

Do you do the work above and beyond what is required to receive your paycheck and pay your bills?

Do you have whatever you envision as success in the forefront of your mind at all times.

Do you let negativity creep in to your mind when something goes wrong and feel defeated, or do you continually strive for something positive… your vision of success?

The more you focus on the positives or your vision of success, the more positive you will feel in general.

What you will, you will.

You “will” positivity, positive progress will ensue.

Even if you fail, if you focus on moving past your failure and what you are going to achieve, you are more likely to get to where you plan on going.

Mundane tasks become worth doing when they are tied to your why.

If you see failure, and focus on the failure, talk about the failure, let the failure define your journey, you will never achieve what it is that you’re envisioning as success…you will not be willing or driven to do the tasks beyond the last failure.

So when you think about the challenges you face, continue to focus on your why, not what went wrong, not how much work it is.

Take every task and think about your why to feel more motivated to do it.

Let’s take a look at our business – building FitBiz Toolbox – in relation to the Golden Circle.

For our team, it’s a lot of long hours, a lot of missed time with the family, long weekends shooting videos and networking for business development.

When confronted with all we give up to create this product, people might say, and we may ask ourselves some times, “is it worth it?”

We could easily do something that is a lot less work, a lot less stress, and a lot less responsibility and make a pay check.

We, however, purposefully spend time talking about the Why.

We start from the inside of the Golden circle and work outward.

We can point to the external rewards of having our own company…our own product.

However, when times get tough we take the time to look at the internal motivation as the why.

The satisfaction of creating something valuable.

The ability to help thousands of people use the same tools we use to start a business and succeed.

The feeling we get when a member tells us about a business success that they have accomplished using our tools.

The WHY is all of those things.

The HOW is the hard work, the time put in and lost leisure opportunities.

The WHAT is building the Toolbox and making it as high quality as we are capable.

Now let’s apply it to you spending time creating your business strategy for your fitness career…as an entrepreneur OR working in a gym or for a fitness company.

The WHAT is creating YOUR strategy…We won’t start there though…let’s start with the WHY of being a fitness professional.

They WHY is the people who’s lives you will change,

The WHY is the feeling of having a client tell you they’re off their medications.

The WHY is having a client lose 50 pounds and be excited to fit in clothes they haven’t worn in years.

They WHY is seeing someone with less back pain being able to play with their kids.

The WHY is seeing people live more vibrant and healthy lives.

They WHY is the knowledge that you, single handedly, played a major role in changing someone’s outlook on life.

This list goes on and on.

Now keep the WHY’s in mind when you think about what you need to do to have a chance at being successful, or, the HOW.The HOW is the long hours, practicing your craft, learning the content in the Toolbox, or figuring out how you will find the clients.

The WHAT is creating a strategy for long term success in the Fitness Industry.

This is why we made the Toolbox as interactive, step by step and easy to follow as possible. To take as much pain away from the WHAT as possible so that you have the BEST chance at achieving your WHY!

You need to always remember, you have a unique opportunity in this industry to truly change people’s lives.

And if changing lives leads to success, you have achieved success in a much deeper way than you can in almost any other industry.

So you need to forget what is behind you and push through challenges toward that what is ahead, push toward the goal of why we’re all here…to win the prize of ultimate success by leading others to their successes.

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