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We Help you Build A Magnetic Fitness Brand

We offer you the ability to create a “fit biz” with our toolbox.

While in business school, we realized that if we knew only 10% of what was covered in the text books while working as trainers, we would still be trainers. That’s where FitBiz Toolbox was born.

For a fraction of the cost of going to business school, we get you all of the information you need to create a healthy business, or as we like to call it, a “fit biz”.  We take that 10% of business school content that applies directly to a fitness business and create a learning platform for YOU.

We are   the #1 source of Fitness Business Education for personal trainers, studio managers, gym rats, fitness competitors, gym owners, equipment and inventors. 100% video-based learning and interactive exercises to guide you to breaking into the fitness industry or growing your fitness business or career.

About Rick Wenner

Rick loves helping fitness professionals and business owners solve the problems that face them in their business. One of the major problems he has seen with the thousands of business he has worked with is creating a brand that differentiates and connects with consumers looking for fitness and motivates them to buy. Rick has been an industry educator for almost 20 years. After teaching and creating fitness curriculum for 24 Hour Fitness for many years, Rick shifted his focus to the business of fitness. He managed a startup fitness technology company, a chain of fitness studios in Brentwood, West Hollywood and Thousand Oaks, CA. After attaining his MBA in marketing, Rick decided to launch FitBiz Toolbox, a product that identifies useful business concepts and applies them in an understandable way for personal trainers and entrepreneurs.

Resume: BS, Exercise Science : MBA, Marketing : NASM : ISSA : PTA Global

About Joel Greiner

My fitness career almost ended within my first week of working as a personal trainer.

I had been an athlete my whole life and felt very comfortable in a gym. I was also studying Kinesiology at California State University Fullerton. I assumed my experience and understanding of anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and biomechanics would instantly make me successful in my new job as a personal trainer for a large health club. After I had failed to obtain a single new client within my first week of working, I was met with the realization that an understanding of science wasn’t enough to build a successful career. I needed to learn sales, marketing, and business skills if I was ever to be successful.

Attending a sales training course as a personal trainer was not normal. But I knew that if I didn’t learn how to sell, I wouldn’t make it in this career. So I signed up for the sales training course that was specifically created for the sales team at my organization. In a class of more than 50 students, I was the only personal trainer. In that course, I was introduced to the ABC’s of selling. Always.Be.Closing. I learned the alternative of choice close, the assumptive close, the options close, and at least 30 other closing techniques that allowed me to sneakily get my prospects to commit to my services.

The next week, my career took off. I sold 20 session packages to 3 prospects and my closing percentage was hovering around 75%. So 3 out of 4 people who I did a consultation with purchased sessions from me.

Even though my career was taking off with my new found sales ability, I was still unhappy. The selling techniques I had been taught felt manipulative and pushy. I felt like a sleazy, slimy salesperson. I set out on a journey to develop a sales and marketing style that would pull and inspire prospects, not push and manipulate. I soon learned that I had two options as a personal trainer. Either I had to push my prospect to buy or I had to pull my prospect to buy. There was no middle ground. Over the last 20 years, I have implemented sales and marketing processes that have shown to be highly effective and made my customers feel like they were being helped, not sold to.

I have continued to refine and evolve my sales philosophy to meet the changes in customers’ buying habits. I have taught my sales and marketing processes to tens of thousands of personal trainers and salespeople working in some of the largest health clubs in the United States. I partnered with FitBiz Toolbox to help fitness professionals, coaches, and personal trainers learn how to build a successful career by pulling and inspiring prospects to take action to improve their lives.