Launching a Fitness Brand – 5 Steps to to Look Like a Pro

Have you launched your fitness business, yet are having difficulty getting your brand recognized? This course covers 5 vital areas for ensuring your brand is properly set up for success. These 5 steps are often overlooked by personal trainers who go out on their own and then have difficulty connecting with their ideal consumer.

First of all, what did you name your business? Sometimes using your own name as the business name is good when you are building a personal brand, but is this the right route for everyone? NO! Sometimes you want to have a descriptive and catchy name for your business that will attract people based on your specific training style

Next, Have you created a logo that will differentiate you from others and stick in consumers mind? When we use silhouettes of body parts, we sometimes blend in with other similar logos. We aren’t saying you should never do this, but there are so many other options.

Number 3 – The business card. Many people think that a business card is outdated, but this is a form of marketing materials. Something that is tangible, and can be a reminder to consumers about who you are and what you do. It is much more effective than texting someone your contact information, not to mention, more professional!

4 – $$$ Pricing. Private trainers often just match pricing of big box gyms or other private trainers. This does not take into account your specific demographic, and the value you offer. You may be charging too little or too much based on what you are worth.

Lastly, how much thought have you put into where you are doing your training. Are you set up for future growth? Is it easy to find? Does the brand of the facility match your brand. We will dive into these questions and more. in this course!

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Rick Wenner Rick Wenner Author

Rick Wenner is an expert in branding and business development and has his MBA from California Lutheran University. Over the last 20+ years of working in the fitness industry, From Personal Trainer to a National Personal Training Certification Instructor, to a Fitness Director overseeing multiple studio locations, Rick noticed that many personal trainers and fitness professionals had to give up on their dream fitness career because they didn’t have the business skills to succeed. FitBiz Toolbox Academy was founded to teach personal trainers, coaches and fitness professionals the sales, marketing, and business skills to create successful careers.