FitBiz Sales & Marketing Academy

Become a Certified Fitness Business Professional (CFBP)

The FitBiz Toolbox Certification gives fitness professionals and personal trainers the knowledge and skills to build a successful career.

You’ll learn how to get more clients and keep more clients by implementing sales, marketing, and business-building strategies that produce results.

In this Academy you will learn:

  • Why understanding your prospect’s mindset is the key to preventing objections and influencing them to purchase your product or service.
  • Innovative positioning strategies that allow you to create a full schedule of the types of clients you want to work with.
  • How you can completely set yourself apart from your competition by implementing a harpoon strategy of marketing instead of casting a wide net.
  • Copywriting tactics that enable you to create the type of messaging that causes your prospects and clients to want to listen (and purchase).
  • How to create a successful marketing plan that fits on one page of paper.
  • Magnetic prospecting activities that turn you into the personal trainer or coach who everyone wants to work with.
  • Cutting-edge strategies that have helped thousands of personal trainers transition from rarely selling 5 session discount “packages” to regularly selling 20 or 30 session “programs”.

Many more sales, marketing, and business-building tools and bonuses.

Course Information

Course Instructor

Rick Wenner Rick Wenner Author

Rick Wenner is an expert in branding and business development and has his MBA from California Lutheran University. Over the last 20+ years of working in the fitness industry, From Personal Trainer to a National Personal Training Certification Instructor, to a Fitness Director overseeing multiple studio locations, Rick noticed that many personal trainers and fitness professionals had to give up on their dream fitness career because they didn’t have the business skills to succeed. FitBiz Toolbox Academy was founded to teach personal trainers, coaches and fitness professionals the sales, marketing, and business skills to create successful careers.

FitBiz Sales & Marketing Academy