Building Your Fitness Brand – Entrepreneur

In this course, you will learn how to develop a magnetic fitness brand.

Developing a solid brand, one that stands out in the consumer’s mind, is the foundation of any good fitness business.

Customers will not come knocking simply because you offer a great product or service. They’ll only seek you out if your brand messaging speaks to them; specifically their wants and needs. This is the power of effective branding. Branding is the marketing practice of creating a name or symbol that identifies and differentiates one product or service from another. It’s essentially your company’s personality. In this course, we teach you how to attract your ideal client.

​Your potential clients have specific wants and needs, and you need to connect with their wants and their needs. This course helps you identify your ideal customer, AND helps you create the right messaging to attract them.

​In addition, you will learn how to develop the right messaging to emphasize the strongest values in your products and services. It is tricky business trying to concisely express to potential clients what you offer, and why they need your services. We will help you create concise messaging to speak directly to potential clients and make them realize they can’t live without you!

​Brand messaging is used in all of your marketing materials, including your website, advertisements, social media, business cards, and pretty much anything that is consumer-facing. When developing your brand messaging, you will look to your positioning statement as the foundation of what you want to communicate to consumers.

​There are many decisions that have a huge impact on the perception of your brand. Too many trainers don’t take the necessary steps to ensure that all of these decisions align properly with the image they are trying to portray.

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Rick Wenner Rick Wenner Author

Rick Wenner is an expert in branding and business development and has his MBA from California Lutheran University. Over the last 20+ years of working in the fitness industry, From Personal Trainer to a National Personal Training Certification Instructor, to a Fitness Director overseeing multiple studio locations, Rick noticed that many personal trainers and fitness professionals had to give up on their dream fitness career because they didn’t have the business skills to succeed. FitBiz Toolbox Academy was founded to teach personal trainers, coaches and fitness professionals the sales, marketing, and business skills to create successful careers.