Become wildly successful by switching roles with your consumer. Make the message about them, make the client the hero!

Imagine this… you are famished and craving a hamburger and fries. You come across two restaurants.

One has a sign that says “Our chef has a culinary certification and is good at grilling”. – It also has a picture of the chef in his “chef outfit” holding a spatula.

The other says “Our Juicy BURGERS will blow your mind! You choose the toppings to make the right burger for you” This ad also has a picture of someone eating a massive burger with a huge smile on their face.

Which restaurant would draw you in? Now, think about your messaging to potential fitness clients.

I have worked with thousands of personal trainers in varying capacities over my career. Regardless of our relationship, I have noticed a consistent problem with the brand messaging developed by trainers. I, myself, have been caught in the same trap in my own personal and professional branding.

See if you can spot the problem…here is the core takeaway messaging from various personal training websites.

“I have a certification from some organization you have never heard of .”

“I am an expert in doing an assessment that you aren’t actively looking to have done and sounds complicated.”

“I’ve been certified for XX years.”

“I am trained in using some equipment that you aren’t interested in using.”

“I was in the military”

“I am a really good athlete”

Do any of these messages directly speak to a potential client’s goals and objectives? Using the burger example, does this satisfy their appetite?

You need to be thinking about the potential client’s struggles when you develop a brand message. You only get a few seconds to catch their attention.

Are consumers searching for a trainer because they want someone with a specific background? No. Most have never heard of our industry’s certifications. They are looking for someone to solve their problem.

Clients are looking for Health, Weight Loss or Performance results. Speak to these as being what you offer. Make the client the HERO, not you.

They are looking for someone to solve their problem.

Now, being certified, having experience, knowing the right assessments, living the fitness lifestyle and using the latest and greatest equipment are all important. They are part of the story. BUT, it is not what consumers are searching for. They are looking to be made the hero. They are looking for you to tell them that you understand their needs, and are great at putting a plan together to meet them.

Your Homepage should be thought of as the “About Them” page (from your perspective). Save your experience and certifications for secondary or supporting content (i.e. on the About Us page). Your first impression has to speak to them. Your “About Us” page should be about you. Th

ere are far too many fitness websites whose Homepage and About Us page were virtually identical (in some cases, word for word). Do you see a problem with that?

Your Homepage should be thought of as the “About Them” page

Here are some specific examples of messaging and where it should live on your website…and in your marketing in general.

“lose 20 pounds” speaks to their problem – Homepage

“17 years experience” is about you – About Us

“The motivation you need…” speaks to solving their problem – Homepage

“NACSPTSM Certified” is about you – and they have never heard of it – About Us

“Educating you…” speaks to solving their problem – Homepage

“Results on your terms” speaks to solving their problem – Homepage

“completed 10 marathons under 3 hours” is about you – About Us

Remember – the client is the hero, not you.

Bottom line – Lead with the problem you solve – follow up with how and who.

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